Crawl + Ball + Wall = Hand-eye coordination and reflexive strength training

Crawling stimulates hand-eye coordination, and so does throwing and catching a ball. Here you can see some examples of how to use a tennis ball to give yourself some fun challenges while crawling.
We start with a basic foot-hand crawl, and then throwing the tennis ball up in the air with one hand and catching it with the other hand:

Crawling sideways while throwing the ball to a wall:

Increasing the distance to the wall makes it more difficult. Here I’m just moving forwards and backwards:

Trying to hold an elevated bird dog position while throwing and catching:

You may also to try throwing and catching in an inverted crawl position:

My next step is to work on soft, fluid breathing while doing tasks like this…

Thanks for reading and watching.
Go outside. Crawl and smile!

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Dan John