Alexandra Devik

Mobil: + 47 482 92 584

Alexandra initiated “Buy From the Farmer” together with Lise Brunborg at the University of Oslo. This project has evolved into what today is named the Oslo Kooperativ – City people, Farmers & Good Food, where she now also is the Chairman of the Board. Fall 2013, Alexandra submitted her thesis within the field of Human Geography. In her thesis she details how  CSAs can be a fruitful solution to improve Norwegian agriculture. Alexandra has a varied work background.  Among others, she has worked at the Vikabråten Farm, build bridges (we are talking about real bridge over dancing rivers) in Telemark and as a warehouse employee at Helios. She has had, and still has, numerous directorships (Dialogos, Kooperativet, Athletes for Farming). Alexandra has completed Marka24, loves to do long distance cross country skiing in Nordmarka, and is an eager beginner in the sport of orienteering.

Briefly summaried: A committed, knowledgeable young woman, with lots of positive enthusiasm and energy, which she channel into projects and cases she is passionate about. At the same time as she is enthusiastic in what she is doing, she is always able to keep her exemplary peace and  pleasant appearance.

Alexandras signature greeting is very descriptive:
– Make a great day!
Action is what counts.

Alexandra is the Chairman of the Board in Athletes for Farming.

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Kjell-Christian Markset 

Mobil: + 47 980 45 850

Update fall 2019:
Kjell-Christian works as a teacher at Korsvoll skole. He is a certified coach in the Original Strength system (level 2) and MovNat (level 1, on the way to level 2)

Kjell-Christian has his background as an elite level athlete within the sports of cross country skiing and mountain running. Additionally, he has lots of credits in everything from Religion to Nanotechnology. He has different work experience within both public and private sectors.  

Kjell-Christian has over the last years become more and more passionate about organic, high quality, robust agriculture. Organic farming unites values that are deeply rooted in him: The belief that human beings main role is to be faithful stewards of the earth, and that people through creativity, healthy standards and balanced determination, continually can achieve improved performances.

Although yet to obtain a degree, credits achieved through formal education at different Universities and Colleges in both Norway and the United States have undoubtedly contributed to make him a well-rounded person with insight and an ability to meet complex issues with a holistic view. His journey has also provided him with a great network of interesting people worldwide.

Kjell-Christians signature greeting is:
Stay Sharp.
Stay Grounded.
Stay With Those Who Help Your Being.

– Inspired by Rumi & Mohey Mowafi
This is important points to repeat both to himself and others, in order to keep the feet somehow on the ground …

K-C is the CEO of Athletes for Farming.