Toe Flow

Movement ideas from the R&D Department at Oiii-gården. We focus on cooperation and engaging the toes while being in a variety of body positions. It’s great to be around creative colleagues! Floor based toe flow: Hanging in a rope and a ring: Hanging upside down from a ring: Inspiration:Nutritious MovementOriginal StrengthMovNatCorrect Toes

God Morgen Norge!

Onsdag 4. november var 11 elever fra klasse 6C og jeg så heldige å få besøk av God Morgen Norge. Det var stas! Vi demonstrerte noen opplegg som kombinerer fysisk aktivitet og matematikk. Her er linker til innslagene: Del 1: Intro, hoppetau (frekvens), kongleskiskyting (tidtaking og treffprosent): 2: Farmes walk (vekt, tidtaking ved hjelp av…

Green grass, fallen leaves, blue sky and a stone

Getting dirty. Getting stronger. Weaving and tying the body together with a palette of movements. This light, easy flow movement has become one of my favorites. Hinge, touch the right foot with the left hand, straighten up and reach both hands in the air. Switch side. This movement can be done with or without holding… kan du se flere videoer som viser eksempler på næringsrik, kreativ og morsom bevegelse! Her finner du også opplegg som kombinerer fysisk aktivitet og matematikk. Disse oppleggene ble laget og gjennomført under hjemmeskoleperioden våren 2020. Særlig 7. trinn på Korsvoll skole i Oslo hadde glede av dette!

Balanced Strength

It is both useful and fun to be able to balance. Being able to crawl on a narrow surface is also a great movement to have in your movement repertoire. When you master the basic “log crawl”, we can add some complexity. Like moving a stone. Forward: Backwards: For those of you familiar with the…

Carbon carries

Finally being useful! I spent a weekend with Anders Lerberg Kopstad and his kids at their farm, Evig Grønne Enger. They are at the forefront in regenerative agriculture in Norway. Anders represents Savory Institute and teaches Holistic Management to other farmers in Scandinavia and around the world. Both Saturday and Sunday I was privileged to…