“Connected but Disengaged: The Price We Pay for Easy and Unlimited Access” and other essays from 2011

Beautiful fall colors, Marquette and Lake Superior.

What is the internet doing to our brains and our relationships with other people? I have been processing this question for a long time.

Back in 2011/2012, I was a student athlete at NMU. That’s now ten years ago and I’m still deeply thankful for this experience. Ski coach Sten Fjeldheim brought me to Marquette, and helped me get one last racing season competing at a high level. To be part of a team again, with daily workouts with teammates was a really nice way to end my skiing career.

In the classroom, English professor Jamie Kuehnl was extremely patient, helping me structure my thoughts and ideas into readable essays. Human Nutrition professor Mohey Mowafy and mathematics professor J.D. Phillips were inspiring to be around and made time for good conversations.

Our time spend on devices and screens connected to the internet has just increased through the decade that has passed since the following essays were written. In other words, they are still relevant! Through quotes and citations you’ll get to know coach Fjeldheim, professor Mowafy, professor Phillips and other wise people worth listening to.

Time, Change and Presence
Connected, but Disengaged: The Price We Pay for Easy and Unlimited Access.
Performance Culture: Best Practice
Orienteering – About getting lost, finding out where you are and getting back on track