“Connected but Disengaged: The Price We Pay for Easy and Unlimited Access” and other essays from 2011

What is the internet doing to our brains and our relationships with other people? Our time spend on devices and screens connected to the internet has just increased through the decade that has passed since the following essays were written. In other words, they are still relevant! Through quotes and citations you’ll get to know coach Fjeldheim, professor Mowafy, professor Phillips and other wise people worth listening to.

Om livet så langt, steinbæring og treklatring.

Kirsti Kraft er en kloke dame. Mange kjenner garantert igjen stemmen hennes fra radio. Våren 2020 tok Kirsti kontakt fordi hun var nysgjerrig på “steinaldertrening” og hva som førte meg inn på dette sporet. — Jeg håper samtalen kan gi inspirasjon til å løfte en stein, balansere på en trestamme, krabbe på skogbunnen, klatre i et tre, se opp mot mot himmelen og gi kraft til å gå videre for å se hva som møter deg rundt neste sving.

Toe Flow

Movement ideas from the R&D Department at Oiii-gården. We focus on cooperation and engaging the toes while being in a variety of body positions. It’s great to be around creative colleagues! Floor based toe flow: Hanging in a rope and a ring: Hanging upside down from a ring: Inspiration:Nutritious MovementOriginal StrengthMovNatCorrect Toes

Carbon carries

Finally being useful! I spent a weekend with Anders Lerberg Kopstad and his kids at their farm, Evig Grønne Enger. They are at the forefront in regenerative agriculture in Norway. Anders represents Savory Institute and teaches Holistic Management to other farmers in Scandinavia and around the world. Both Saturday and Sunday I was privileged to…