Green grass, fallen leaves, blue sky and a stone

Getting dirty. Getting stronger. Weaving and tying the body together with a palette of movements.

This light, easy flow movement has become one of my favorites. Hinge, touch the right foot with the left hand, straighten up and reach both hands in the air. Switch side. This movement can be done with or without holding a stone/dumbbell/kettle-bell. Crossing the body’s mid-line, this movement strengthens your internal X:

Activating the posterior chain.

Get up with a stone. Holding the stone in place, not dropping it on the ground, stimulates some “anaconda strength” (Dan John language):

Rotating with a stone demands even more anaconda strength:

Getting stronger in the tripod transition.

Therapy for the back and shoulders. Lots of proprioceptive stimulation.

This this rolling complex is a nice way to calm down:

My next step is to work on soft, fluid breathing while doing tasks like this…

Thanks for reading and watching.
Go outside. Move and smile!

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Dan John