Crawling challenges, jumping and lifting

Crawling backwards up a hill while dragging a log, really works the “nooks and crannies” of your strength.

Doing the jumping rope adds speed and rhythm. Surrounded by trees and nature, I think of Rocky and cross country skiers from the 1960′.

Crawling on a sloping pine trunk requires balance, focus and reflexive strength. Doing it backwards and “uphill” is a nice challenge.

Lifting a heavy stone is what I call “masculine mindfulness”. The task at hand demands 100% focus and presence from both mind and body.

As Dan John says: “Loaded carries are walking planks”. Picking up a heavy load and walking with it, is the secret sauce to get stronger. This is something man has done since the dawn of time. It wakes up our primal nerves.

Warning!!! Overhead lifts: It is safer to use a log or a sandbag!

Jumping from stone to stone is explosive and exciting. It is fun to be airborne – – – for 0.45 second at a time…

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Dan John