Grow Wild: The whole-child, whole-family, nature-rich guide to moving more

Katy Bowman is a unifying force in the natural movement community. Her voice, both through her books and podcast, has enriched my life for many years now. To put it short: I’m a big fan of her work! This spring there was an e-mail in my inbox that really made my day: I was asked to read a pdf-version of her new book and write a review. Here is my tribute to “Grow Wild”:

Reading “Grow Wild” makes me feel like being part of a vibrant garden party where Katy Bowman is the most generous host and the full spectrum of natural human movement is celebrated. In Katy’s garden there is room for everyone. People of all ages and all walks of life are warmly welcomed here. Guided by Katy’s gentle, but at the same time liberating, clear and direct voice, we help each other break down the physical and mental barriers that hold us back from moving freely.  By learning how to see and seek opportunities for stacking fundamental human needs into nutritious activities, life again becomes an enjoyable dance filled with smiles, laughter, community and meaning. By moving our bodies more, all parts of our bodies, we express and gradually explore more of our true human nature. Reconnecting to our inner nature is the key to connect and understand more of the nature surrounding us. Through deeply and truly regenerating ourselves, cell by cell, we will also start regenerating the planet. It’s time to be fit to be useful. It’s time to touch nature with healing hands. It’s time to join Katy’s tribe and grow wild. 

To buy “Grow Wild” directly from Katy’s web-page, go to:
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How in the world did I end up on Katy’s radar? An evening with Joel Salatin, where I got the chance to introduce him to Katy’s powerful term Nutritious Movement

Telling Katy about Joel’s “Nutritious Movement” blog-post: